Sunday, January 13, 2013

King of the Nerds

Below is recent interaction between my new shipping person and a glorious Cod-Bag.

We wrote:
It looks as if we are out of this product. My listing person is out until Monday. I will have her issue a full refund then. I'm sorry for the inconvenience

Within minutes we received this response (yes in this color):
it doesn't take a "listing person" to issue a refund -- please do it now. if you wait until monday, then your feedback will reflect both the fact that you don't have a product that you list and that you give lame excuses to leave the customer hanging for days.

please, just go to your paypal account and issue the refund right now.
John Tribone
Abacus Bookshop

Two things:
First, Punctuation! Capitalization! Punctuation! Capitalization! You work at a fucking bookstore for Christ’s sake!

And second, How dare you presume to dictate policies and procedures to my people?  You may be the tyrannical king of the bookworms in your world, but to me you’re just a shit stain on Dewey Decimal’s shoe.

Here’s the thing, dick. You just announced you’re leaving negative feedback no matter what, so why should we break our asses to comply with your psychotic demands? In fact, I have just decided to add several layers to our already oppressive bureaucracy. Hence forth, in order to issue a refund, several confusing forms will need to be submitted, reviewed, and shuffled between departments.  Once all paperwork is stamped, collated, and paper-clipped it shall be placed in a yellow, no wait, a blue folder and filed under "pending review" in the cabinet upstairs in the conference room we never use. Then on the third Monday of every month we'll have a pizza party and vote on refunds. If a refund is approved we will send instructions to Paypal via registered US mail. Granted, we could just do it electronically, but I find Cod-bags like yourself tend to be litigious assholes, so better to dot our I’s and cover our asses with redundant documentation. Don't you agree?

So, Tri-Boner, while you’re waiting for your refund, you might wander over to the self-help section of your store and grab a book on anger management. If fact, you better grab a couple… It could be a while.


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