Friday, March 19, 2010

Cold War CodBag

Who knew my grandpa was purchasing crap on eBay from beyond the grave?

We received a bunch of locking cash deposit bags and, completely by mistake, erroneously described them as “Made in America.” Had we looked at the packaging rather than copy/paste the manufacturer's description we would have seen that, like 98% of the things bought and sold in America, these bags were “Imported from the Orient.”

Now let me apologize to Detroit in advance for my next statement. Detroit, I am sorry your cars suck so bad. Whew, I’m glad I got that off my chest, but I just don’t consider American craftsmanship worth seeking out. Never in my life have I chosen one product over another because it was made in America. Germany? Maybe. Japan? Of course. But never America.

But apparently at least one old codger out there differs with me on that subject. After receiving his cash bag this was his negative buyer feedback:
Please be honest , product made in RED CHINA, poor quality
That’s right, “RED CHINA.” Red China?… Is that a province of China? Maybe out by Tibet or up near Mongolia? I haven’t heard that term in decades. I’m pretty sure China is barely even communist at this point. They seem more capitalist than us in a lot of ways. Pillaging their environment for a profit, selling their kids’ futures for a buck, that’s our gig.

Anyway, I get it. If you’re a crusty old fart stuck in the Cold War you might be morally opposed to using products made in China. Granted this would be a nearly crippling stance to take, rendering the afflicted person a virtual shut-in, but I get it. So here’s the thing you old CodBag, turn off your 1984 wood console Zenith, pick up your AT&T bakelite rotary phone and call us. We’ll issue you a refund. Leaving negative feedback is over the top on this one. It sends a message to the rest of the world that I am something I am not.

So I was left with a dilemma. How to rebuff such a slanderous attack on my character. Obviously I couldn’t leave negative feedback. I am a seller and sellers aren’t allowed to be dissatisfied with transactions. No problem. I decided the only equitable response was to provide the world a skewed view of my buyer via positive feedback. See Below.