Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Choose Your Favorite Response:

I had to laugh at this one. Apparently we have the same item listed on eBay for two different prices. An unsuspecting CodBag purchased (as in actually paid for) two of the more expensive listing and then realized he had paid too much. Less than a minute later we got this lovely e-mail via eBay. (Please be advised the sender of this note is from New Jersey. Some of the content may not be suitable for reasonable human beings or small children.)
You are selling this same product in another listing
for $6.50. I want you to refund me $6 right away
through Paypal or cancel the order. You should pay
attention to your listings.
So now I need the help of our faithful followers. Should our response be:

A. We pay extreme attention to our listings and simply listed this more expensive item as a social experiment to see if there were any clinically retarded people using eBay. Early research indicates Yes, there is at least one retard using eBay.

B. Congratulations on your thorough price research. Simply impressive. Might I suggest in the future you do that type of thing BEFORE you purchase an item.

C. Thank you for your astute observation and free business advice. We shall take it under advisement. The candid words of a hot-headed half-wit are such a rare and valuable thing, one would be a fool not to take them to heart.


D. Based on the over-the-top anger and outrage in your initial communication, I am dying to know what other negotiating tactics you have up your sleeve. It seems to me it doesn't really leave you much room for escalation. Therefore, out of pure morbid curiosity I must reply, "Go fuck yourself!" I look forward to your response.

Of coarse I plan on refunding this douche his money. I really have no reason not to, but I so enjoy torturing guys like this.