Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cleaning up e-commerce one Cod Bag at a time

Welcome to

As eBay sellers, we all deal with Cod Bags. You know... jackasses that seam to revel in wasting our time. We've created CodBag as a forum for sellers to vent about these dipshits. We want to hear your stories so we can all laugh together to keep from crying.

Do More Than Rant.
We're all afraid to leave negative feedback because Cod Bags will retaliate. As sellers, all we can do is block that person from bidding again. Why not share your list? While we don't advocate slandering specific individuals on this site, it seems perfectly fine to share blocked bidder lists. It's just a simple statement of fact: "Here are people I won't sell to for various and assorted reasons."

Are You a Cod Bag?
You may have been sent to this blog because you, yourself, are a Cod Bag. Rather than waste valuable time e-mailing a response to some retarded question, sellers may direct Cod Bags to the You Might be a Cod-Bag discussion. If this is the case... Go away. No, seriously. Get in your car, find the shortest route to the Grand Canyon and launch yourself into it. You are a waste of oxygen and should self-extinguish.