Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ass End

Here's a new one:

ascensionmotorsports writes:

The item was purchased @ 1336 pacific time, your time zone on 1/8. The item was in stock, why is this item not making it into the hands of the postal service until 1/10?

My response:

Well Ass-End Motorsports. (I hope I pronounced that correctly.) First, let me thank you for your pathologically accurate time-keeping. I will attempt to be equally anal in my response.

As you stated, you placed your order at 13:36 on Tuesday, the eighth. My shipping person cuts out every day at 15:00, when UPS picks up. 1 hour and 24 minutes after you clicked “Buy It Now.”  The next morning, the ninth, she started her shift at 08:30 and picked all of her orders for the day. At 10:00 USPS picked up the previous day’s orders.  (If you’re following along at home, that is three working hours after your order.) My gal proceeded work her ass off all day, shipping 50-plus orders to ungrateful fuckers like yourself and, after 6 and a half hours, she hit the clock to go volunteer with the local fire department, then she proceeded home to cook dinner for her family.

Your shipment sat all night long until the USPS guy showed up promptly at 10AM on the 10th, less than 45 hours after you placed your order.

For future reference, economy shipping is free for a reason.  Next time you might consider expedited shipping, or better yet, get off your ass and go to the parts store. They’ll hand it right to you.

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