Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to Block Cod-Bag Bidders in eBay

Apparently eBay doesn't want to make it easy to block bidders. It makes sense, given eBay's obvious contempt for sellers, the people who pay their bills and put bread on their tables. Blocking bad buyers is one of the few defenses we sellers have left.

Make sure you are logged into your eBay account in another tab and then Click the link below to add blocked bidders.

Block Bidders

Use a comma between each entry. Click the blocked bidder link on the right to view other peoples blocked bidder lists or to add your own Cod-Bags to the list.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A New Breed of Cod-Bag

Alright Cod-Bags, knock it off! Freakin' fucktard eBay buyers that ask for, beg, demand, and threaten for positive feedback are pissing me off. Here's the standard e-mail: "Dear seller, I have left you positive feedback, please do the same for me." to which I respond, "Who the hell do you think you are?" Here's the deal: I would never expect positive feedback from a buyer just because I left it for them. What gives buyers the right to demand it from me? I'll do what I want. I'll do what I want.

OK, so here is my Cod-Bag of the week. This douche sent me a request, then a beg and most recently an empty threat. I'll spare you the first messages because they follow the standard formula all eBay sellers are accustomed to by now, but here's the one I got this morning:
Hello, We have asked numerous times for you to leave us positive feedback as we have already done for you and received no response. If Pos. feedback is not left within 24 hrs we will leave a very Negative Follow up comment on your feedback profile. We thought you would have the courtesy to leave pos. once it was left for you. Hopefully you will. thank you
Yep... Not just a threat; an ultimatum. You have 24 hours to comply...

So pushed to it, here was our response:
What makes you think you deserve Pos. Feedback? Are you simply entitled to it because you left it for me? Maybe it wasn't a pleasant experience for me. This most recent attempt at extortion is definitely not pleasant. I now have NO intention of leaving you positive, but I can GUARANTEE NEGATIVE if you execute your threat.
Sufficed to say, we'll be leaving this douche negative feedback. What a Cod-Bag!