Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear Canadian Codbags:

Dear Canadian Codbags:
International shipping means shipping between two nations. Canada and the United States are seperate nations. Therefore, if an ad says "No International Shipping," that includes you.
That is all.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mandatory Testing for eBay Users

I am proposing a mandatory comprehension test for all new and existing eBay users.
I think users are actually getting dumber and recently I have had a slough of questions that lead me to believe that people don't even grasp the basic concept of eBay.

Take the 30" Kobe Range Hood we are auctioning. We started the bid at $99 and within a day got this question:

Q:I dont understand how you can sell this so cheaply... Am I missing something?
A: Most likely you are. First, you are missing an apostrophe in the word 'dont', but I also suspect you may be missing some cognitive skills. This is an auction. You bid on things, the price goes up and eventually the item sells for more money. Google it.

Then, on the same item, this gem:

Q:I am interested in a 36" hood is there a price difference? How do I order/bid on the 36" hood? Thanks! Bernadette
A: My suggestion would be to find someone who is selling a 36-inch hood and bid on theirs. This, as you can clearly see, is a 30-inch hood.

Back to my point. I'm not suggesting a hard test, mind you. I was thinking something more like the one you take after sexual harassment training at work. You know, "Patting a co-worker's ass is an appropriate way to say hello: True or False?" or "Which of the following is an appropriate thing to shout in a staff meeting: a) Where's all the white women at? b) That's what she said! c) I see London, I see France... or d) None of the Above

The intent is just to see if people have grasped the basic concept. There will always be codbags, but the really stupid ones are excessive time wasters for all involved.